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Carbon Steel Cookware

If you have not used or even heard about Carbon Steel Cookware before, you have come to the right place. Find out more about its usage and why Carbon Steel is a must to have healthy kitchen tools in your kitchen. 

What is Carbon Steel cookware?

The carbon steel cookware is Highbred of Cast Iron and Stainless Cookware. Carbon steel is an alloy (mixture) of 99 percent Iron and 1 percent Carbon, while Cast Iron has 3 to 4 percent of carbon.

 Carbon Steel is the traditional cookware and dominates most professional kitchens around the world. Carbon steel pans getting more and more popular around the world, as it has the cooking speed of stainless steel, retains heat, and has the naturally non-stick property as Cast Iron.

Why carbon steel cookware?

professionals tool

Carbon steel cookware is a well-kept secret of professionals, used in almost all restaurants worldwide, and it remains a professional Chef's choice. It is being used by French people for centuries and professionals Chefs' choices around the world.

healthy cooking

Pre-seasoned naturally non-stick cooking surface guarantees 100% toxin-free cooking.


Carbon steel cookware weighs lesser than Cast Iron cookware, making it easy to handle for every day use.


Buy once and pass on to generations. Chemically coated cookware needs to be replaced every one or two years and every new purchase adds fresh toxins to food.

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