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Concave Carbon Steel Dosa Pan (10 Inch/25.5 cm) | Pre-Seasoned, Naturally Non-stick, 100% Toxin-Free & Chemical Free Curved Iron Tawa

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Dynamic 10 Inch/25.5 cm Concave Carbon Steel Dosa Tawa is an exceptional kitchen tool for toxin-free cooking. Crafted without chemicals, it ensures a naturally non-stick surface for effortless meal preparation. Designed for home kitchens, this professional-grade utensil offers lightweight handling, unlike cast iron alternatives. Its curved design enhances versatility, ideal for making dosas with ease. The cool-touch silicone rubber handle ensures convenient and safe usage. Elevate your cooking experience with this durable and user-friendly concave carbon steel dosa tawa, prioritizing health, convenience, and exceptional performance in every meal preparation endeavor.

Concave Dosa Tawa Available in 10-inch sizes.

Premium Concave Carbon Steel Dosa Pan Set Specifications:

Small Concave Dosa Tawa (10 Inch / 25.5 cm)


3.00 mm


1.4 kg


47.50cm x 25.50cm x 6.0cm

Ultra Premium Concave Carbon Steel Dosa Tawa Features:

  • Ensures toxin-free cooking & Chemical-free cooking
  • Lightweight design compared to Cast Iron
  • Infuses iron into food
  • Features a comfortable silicone rubber handle
  • Economical (Long-lasting for generations)
  • Effortless maintenance & Premium quality

Elevate your cooking with this essential kitchen companion.


Is carbon steel good for dosa?

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Yes, carbon steel is excellent for making dosa due to its even heat distribution and ability to develop a natural non-stick surface.

How long do carbon steel pans last?

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With proper care, carbon steel pans can last a lifetime.

How do I season a concave dosa pan?

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Season a concave dosa pan by applying a thin layer of oil, heating until smoking, and repeating the process multiple times to develop a natural non-stick coating.

Is the concaved design of the dosa tawa beneficial for cooking?

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Yes, the concaved design of the dosa tawa helps in evenly spreading the batter and cooking dosas with the perfect thickness and texture.

How long does the seasoning on the Curved Carbon Steel Dosa Tawa last?

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With proper care and maintenance, the seasoning can last a long time, providing a natural non-stick surface.

Can I use the Concave Carbon Steel Dosa Pan for making other dishes besides dosas?

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Yes, the pan's versatile design makes it suitable for cooking pancakes, crepes, omelets, and more.

How do I clean and maintain a concave dosa tawa?

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Clean the Concave dosa tawa with warm water and a soft sponge after each use. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh scrubbers. Dry thoroughly and apply a thin layer of oil to maintain its seasoning and prevent rusting.


To avoid Sticky Pan and Rusting, strongly recommended reading the instruction in the "Use and Care" manual, provided with the product.

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