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Carbon Steel Dosa Pan with Lid (11 Inch/28 cm) | Pre-Seasoned, Naturally Non-stick, 100% Toxin-Free & Chemical Free Iron Dosa Tawa

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Introducing the Dynamic Ultra Premium Flat 11 Inch/28 cm Carbon Steel Dosa Tawa with Lid, an eco-friendly kitchen essential. Crafted for optimal cooking, its non-stick surface ensures hassle-free meal preparation. Lighter than cast iron, it offers easy handling and durability with efficient heat distribution. The silicone rubber handle ensures a secure grip and heat resistance for safe cooking. Whether making dosas or chapatis, this tawa delivers consistent results. The accompanying lid retains heat and moisture for flavorful dishes. Bid farewell to sticky messes – this tawa elevates your culinary experience while being environmentally conscious.

Carbon Steel Dosa Pan with Lid Available in 11-inch sizes.

Carbon Steel Pan Set with Lid Specifications:

Flat Carbon Steel Dosa Pan (11 Inch / 28 cm)


3.00 mm


1.7 kg


52.0cm x 28.0cm x 4.0cm

Ultra Premium Flat Carbon Steel Dosa Tawa with Lid Features:

  • Toxin Free Cooking
  • Easy-to-use, lighter than Cast Iron
  • Adds iron to food
  • Cool touch silicone rubber handle
  • Cost Saving (Buy once, use for generations)
  • Versatile usage for various dishes
  • Includes lid for heat and moisture retention
  • Effortless maintenance & Premium quality

Elevate your cooking with this essential kitchen companion.


What are the benefits of using a flat dosa tawa with a glass lid?

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Using a flat dosa tawa with a glass lid offers even heat distribution, enhanced cooking control, and convenient visibility for monitoring.

What are the advantages of using a glass lid for a dosa tawa?

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A glass lid for a dosa tawa retains moisture for juicier results, prevents splatters, and allows for easy monitoring of the cooking process.

Are carbon steel dosa tawas suitable for all types of cooking surfaces?

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Yes, carbon steel dosa tawas are suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops.

How do I clean and maintain a carbon steel dosa pan with a glass lid?

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Clean with mild soap and water, avoid abrasive cleaners, and dry immediately to prevent rust for optimal maintenance.

Is carbon steel dosa tawa with lid dishwasher safe?

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No, it's recommended to hand wash dosa tawa with lid to preserve their quality and prevent potential damage.

How durable is dosa tawa with lid?

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Carbon steel dosa tawa with lid is highly durable, designed to withstand high temperatures and regular use for long-lasting performance.


To avoid Sticky Pan and Rusting, strongly recommended reading the instruction in the "Use and Care" manual, provided with the product.

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