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Premium Cast Iron Dosa/Roti/Pizza Tawa (11 Inch/28.30 cm), Pre-seasoned, Naturally Nonstick, 100% Pure, Toxin-free, Induction Based Tawa

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Our 11 Inch/28.30 cm Cast Iron Dosa/Roti/Pizza tawa stands out in the market for several reasons. It features a unique matt finish cooking surface that ensures even cooking. This versatile pan is not only suitable for making Indian staples like dosas and rotis, but it can also be used to prepare the famous Italian treat - pizza. The pan's depth allows for accommodating the pizza base, and its excellent heat retention ensures that the cheese stays melted for a long time. The Dosa/Roti/Pizza pan is an essential tool for home chefs who enjoy cooking Indian dishes and occasionally indulging in European treats.

Cast Iron Non-stick Tawa works on gas, induction, oven, and even campfires!

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Cast Iron Tawa Available in 11-inch sizes.

Iron Dosa Tawa Set Specifications:

Traditional Iron Tawa (11 Inch / 28.30 cm)


11 Inch / 28.30 cm


0.5 Inch / 1.3 cm

Handle to handle

13.5 Inch / 34 cm


3.2 kg


550 ml


33.80cm x 28.30cm x 1.75cm

Experience the exceptional features of our Ideal Dosa Tawa:

Material: Made from durable and heat-retaining cast iron.

Heating: Heats evenly and retains heat for consistent cooking, ideal for achieving crispy dosa and perfectly cooked flatbreads like roti and paratha.

Surface: Smooth surface for even cooking. Develops a natural non-stick surface after seasoning with oil.

Versatility:  Can be used for a variety of dishes like dosa, roti, paratha, pizza, omelets, shallow frying, and more.

Durability:  Built to last for generations with proper care.

Heat source compatibility:  Works on most heat sources including gas stove, induction cooktop, oven, and even campfire (with proper heat diffuser).

Seasoning: Requires seasoning to create a non-stick surface and improve cooking performance over time.

Weight:  Cast iron is heavier than other materials like non-stick tawa.

Elevate your cooking with this essential kitchen companion.


Is the Cast Iron Dosa/Roti/Pizza Tawa pre-seasoned?

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Yes, the pan comes pre-seasoned with natural oils for a non-stick surface, ready to use right out of the box.

What are the benefits of using cast iron for making dosas, rotis, or pizzas?

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Cast iron provides excellent heat retention and even distribution, resulting in crispy and evenly cooked dishes.

How do I clean the Cast Iron Tawa?

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Clean the tawa with warm water and a mild detergent, avoiding harsh scrubbing to preserve its seasoning.

Is the Cast Iron Dosa/Roti/Pizza pan suitable for high-heat cooking?

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Yes, cast iron can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for searing, baking, and frying.

How should I store the Cast Iron Dosa/Roti/Pizza pan when not in use?

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Store the pan in a dry place to prevent rusting, and avoid stacking other heavy items on top of it.

Is the surface of the Cast Iron Tawa naturally non-stick?

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Yes, with proper seasoning and maintenance, the cast iron surface develops a natural non-stick coating.

Can I use the Cast Iron Non-stick Tawa for making deep-dish pizzas?

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Yes, the deep sides of the tawa make it suitable for making deep-dish pizzas or other baked dishes.


To avoid Sticky Pan and Rusting, strongly recommended reading the instruction in the "Use and Care" manual, provided with the product.

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